Best Snorkel Masks 2021

Everyone loves snorkeling, it is popularly considered one of the best aquatic activities easy to do no matter how old you are. That’s why we pick the best full face snorkel masks.

Children and young people love to practice it or develop it on summer days while enjoying a fabulous trip to the beach.

 Would not you like to join in the fun of snorkeling? 

It’s time to take your favorite team and go to the arena, All participants must carry and implement the use of snorkel masks to be able to breathe effectively. The lenses are added for diving and sometimes vests are implemented for ease of flotation.

In this guide you will find the necessary information that will help you make the best choice about what full face snorkel masks use, where the equipment will be just one, a mask that covers the entire face, allowing greater ease of breathing and better visualization of the environment.

If it’s time to choose a snorkel mask and you are not sure what to choose, you can consult the best-rated snorkel masks, because the decision can become difficult once you realize that there is a wide variety of them.

Those who practice snorkeling are looking for fun underwater without having to worry about their head.

Everyone has an affinity and a certain preference for these full face masks, find out what may be the best full face snorkel mask of 2021.


In a Hurry? Our Top 3 Pick

Our Pick

TRIBORD EasyBreath

TRIBORD EasyBreath
  • Anti-Fog
  • 180° View
  • Affordable
2nd Pick

Ocean Reef Aria

Ocean Reef Aria
  • Full Face
  • Natural Breathing
  • Custom
3rd Pick

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview

WildHorn Outfitters Seaview
  • Tubeless Design
  • Full 180 View
  • Stop salt water

10 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks 2021

Tribord Easybreath
Editor's Pick
X-Lounger Snorkel Mask4.5/5
Ocean Reef Aria Mask4.1/5
Seaview 180 Mask
2nd Pick
SEGMART Panoramic Mask3.6/5
YONGQI LJR Mask4.0/5
Greatever Foldable 180° Mask4.2/5
Ninja Shark Mask4.2/5
Unigear 180° Mask4.7/5
SEABEAST AF90 Mask4.4/5

The full face snorkel masks 2021 have the great advantage of being much more comfortable and safe. Due to their design, they hold the entire face of people, allowing a perfect fit, without leaks.

They are much more comfortable for being a single body, the tube will not go in the mouth in an uncomfortable way and the lenses will not fit too much in the eyes. The athlete will be able to breathe freely through the mouth and through the nose if desired.

 Why do You Need to Choose the Right Size? 

The full face snorkel masks are designed and manufactured in different sizes, or at least a large number of them have small, medium, and large sizes so that the athlete can easily get the one that best adapts to himself.

Many of them are unisex, however, you can find the best snorkel masks for women, the best snorkel masks for men, and even the best ones for children of specific ages. These are differentiated by the sizes and designs they have.

It is important to know that the correct size of the full mask will make the diving experience much more pleasant. To know what size is yours, you must take your measurements correctly.

It is quite simple and has no complication, from the bridge of your nose to the end of your chin, with your mouth properly closed, if you measure 10 centimeters or less your size is XS.

If the measurement reaches 12 centimeters then you should choose the best full face snorkel masks that are S size or M. In the case of exceeding 12 centimeters then your size is ML.

The faces of greater size get to measure more than about 13 centimeters. if you have this measure then you should go in search of snorkel masks that are size L or XL, the largest in the market.

Top 10 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks Reviews

It’s time to give you the list of snorkel masks 2021. We did our best research to pick these brands that’s why we recommended you to use them.

1. TRIBORD EasyBreath Full Face

TRIBORD EasyBreath Full Face
9.9/10 Our Score


  • Easy Breath
  • Secure Lock
  • Available in all sizes


  • Not Good for intense swimming


Tribord Easybreath mask is a complete snorkel mask that arrived to innovate, it makes it possible for the athlete or the person to allow them not only to see under the water but also to breathe comfortably. Breathing under the water will be as easy as breathing out of it.

Tribord snorkel mask was in charge of making a very modern mask like the Easybreath, which has good size, in addition to offering the person the possibility of having a wide vision of up to 180 degrees without any problem.

It should be noted that the Easybreath becomes even more perfect thanks to the airflow system, which avoids at all costs that the mask is fogged by constant breathing. This flow system is the same used in common exhaust fans.

The Easybreath has a system located on the upper side of the mask so that the swimmer, once fully immersed, will not have the uncomfortable experience of water seeping into their equipment and thus hinder their vision and breathing.

Adding to all this, the tube located at the top is a good size and has a bright color that manages to highlight this Why or why? Well, to avoid shocks or accidents outside the water caused by an external agent.

Its upper tube is much more visible from the distance than any other common or conventional snorkel mask.

The Easybreath window is made of polycarbonate, which makes it resistant and safe. Once the mask is washed, it is recommended to keep it in the integrated network of the equipment, which allows the air to help dry properly.

2. X-Lounger Lightest Mask

X-Lounger Lightest Mask
9.5/10 Our Score


  • Perfect Lense
  • Including Camera
  • Perfect for capturing


  • Not Good for depth diving


The X-Lounger is a folding mask, the tube can be bent by pressing the button easily and quickly, without problems of installation of non-collapsible tubes.

The X Lounger mask has camera support that is removable, can be placed or uninstalled whenever the person wants or will use the mask. The support is designed to rotate and record videos at multiple angles

The user will have a wide field of up to 180 degrees for greater viewing capacity. In this way the view that the person who uses it will be superior to what you will get with some other traditional snorkel mask.

The X-Lounger snorkel mask does not have fish-eye visibility. It only distorts reality and can cause discomfort. Instead, it has a style that offers a flat and completely real view of the aquatic exterior.

A fascinating full face mask with which the user breathes in the most comfortable way through the nose, without having to worry about using the mouth if he does not want to do it, you can forget to hold the tube to breathe or have to have the tube hurting the jaw after a while, the tube of the X-Lounger is up to 23.62 centimeters long, with what the swimmer can rely a bit more on and dive even further from the surface.

Your channels for inhaling and exhaling are properly separated so that the mask does not fog up. Adding to this, the X-Lounger has a chemical agent called anti-fog which helps to reinforce and eliminate fogging.

This mask has a system to eliminate unwanted filtration of water inside the mask, it consists of a ball in the tube, which when the equipment is submerged, will close the valve where the air enters and leaves, sealing the equipment completely.

In any case that there is an unwanted leakage of water, the mask is designed so that the water does not drown you because your breathing intervenes. The water will go directly to a purge valve that is located on the bottom side and will come out easily when it comes to the surface.

The X-Lounger full face snorkel mask comes in multiple colors to suit all tastes, also has a protective layer that helps the person to protect themselves from the sun’s rays that can be fatal to the eyes and face.

3. Ocean Reef Aria Snorkeling Mask

All Sizes
Ocean Reef Aria Snorkeling Mask
9.3/10 Our Score


  • Perfect Anti Fog
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Lets you breathe naturally


  • You need to clean it from time to time


The mask specially designed for snorkeling Ocean Reef Aria is among the cheap snorkel masks. The swimmer will have an ideal team to breathe both mouth and nose, naturally and unconsciously.

It is characterized as a mask for a dry snorkel, which is due to the design of its tube, which does not allow bothersome filtration of water. As well as ensuring a broad visualization of the aquatic world.

Its internal system facilitates the circulation of air at the moment of breathing so that there is no room for any fogging. In case of obstruction due to water seepage, you can easily get rid of it with the purge valve once out of the water.

In case of tides or waves, the mask will remain dry for more tranquility and fun, allowing the swimmer to try certain extra limits if he wants to go down a little more in the water, taking into account that no air will enter or leave either.

The Ocean Reef Aria mask is complete and modern, weighs about 453.59 grams; It is manufactured in several sizes so that the user can choose the one that best fits the size of his face, regardless of the difference between them.

Thanks to a perfect and clear visualization, the fun will last much longer. It also has an integrated purge valve in any case of annoying filtration; The tube can be disassembled to later transport the equipment more easily.

Ocean Reef Aria is a mask made with the best material to be a team that has a long life. The thermoplastic with which it is made allows it to be a lightweight and very durable mask.

4. WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180°

Tubeless Design
WildHorn Outfitters Seaview 180°
9.1/10 Our Score


  • It is GoPro Compatible
  • For Full Face
  • Easy To Use


  • Not recommended for beginners


The Seaview 180 snorkel mask stands out for having a design that allows a wide visualization of up to 180 degrees, without losing the advantage of breathing naturally and without any pressure while snorkeling.

When doing the activity with this full-face camera the person will enjoy to the fullest, will appreciate all the marine creatures and any natural beauty that can be found under the surface.

The full face mask Seaview 180 comes with a GoPro Mount that is part of the team. This GoPro mount allows you to attach a camera to the mask to capture underwater without any problem or difficult installation.

With the Seaview 180, the swimmer will forget the annoying sensation of seawater seeping into the mouth because of how uncomfortable the mouthpiece of the breathing tube can be. What gives more time for enjoyment and comfort.

This mask has such a fabrication that it will not be tarnished by breathing. The system of distribution of the air separates the section of the eyes from the section of the mouth and nose, which causes that the flow does not enter the visor, therefore it will not lose visibility.

It has a hermetic seal of silicone that blows a very comfortable mask, the water that can get to be filtered will be drained by the purge valve that is located in the chin of the equipment.

The equipment is not difficult to use, even small children can use this full face mask if what they want to do is a snorkel. The time you could spend on your installation now will be dedicated to having fun another time.

The Seaview 180° mask comes in different colors for easy adaptation of different styles and tastes in colors.

5. SEGMART 180° GoPro Compatible

SEGMART 180° GoPro Compatible
8.9/10 Our Score


  • Lightweight
  • Stop saltwater
  • Anti Fog


  • Not perfect for kids


The SEGMART full-face mask is specifically designed for snorkeling without exceeding the depth of 10 meters, not for professional or free diving, once this distance has been overcome, you should hold your breath for as long as you can.

The SEGMART 180 mask straps are quick-fitting and made of a soft material of good quality. It is available in different small and medium sizes for people with smaller faces, and larger and larger sizes for larger faces.

It is a mask that has a complete and perfect design for the unobstructed appreciation of the interior of the sea with an available field of vision of up to 180 degrees while not having to opt for uncomfortable and unnatural breathing using only the mouth.

Thanks to the fact that it is a full face mask, the swimmer will be free to breathe through his nose and mouth if he wishes, in the most natural way possible and without any pressure or discomfort.

It has advanced technology that provides a dry cap to breathe freely and prevent the entrance of water to the mask with an airtight seal, that way the swimmer will not have any discomfort in vision or breathing.

A mask where the viewfinder and the lower section are separated but do not stop forming the same complete mask; designed in such a way to prevent fogging, and therefore, obstruction of vision.

For a more and better experience in snorkeling was that a full face mask like the SEGMART was created, because first of all, the swimmer is looking for the enjoyment of the activity with the greatest safety and comfort that can be obtained.

6. YONGQI LJR with Detachable Camera Mount

YONGQI LJR with Detachable Camera Mount
8.5/10 Our Score


  • Lightweight
  • Anti Leak Mask
  • Anti Fog


  • None


The YONGQI LJR mask easily enters the top 10 full face snorkel masks because it is designed to reach 180 degrees and allow the user normal, stable breathing through the nose and mouth.

The YONGQI LJR mask has the second-generation technology for snorkel masks, which prevents outside water from entering the equipment through the upper breathing tube or from either side of the mask.

Its silicone seal is comfortable, soft, and manages to fit into the smaller faces, in order to avoid water seepage.

Because of how practical it is and its straps, it is easy to adjust according to the size of the person’s face, the more comfortable you have, the better. It offers a clear vision, without obstacles and free concentration to the marine environment.

A full-face mask like the YONGQI LJR features GoPro-type accessories like the GoPro Mount and the Screw Sets. They add fun and personality to the underwater experience.

It is made of strong and resistant materials to ensure an unbreakable and safe visor, weighing only about 1,180 grams, straps that can be adjusted to suit the person, the breathing tube measuring 7.112 centimeters, which allows the swimmer to go deeper than other full face masks and appreciate marine animals more closely.

Designed with a superior respiratory tube that serves to prevent fog inside the viewfinder, If it were not so and the mist fogs the entire mask, the person would easily panic and his breathing would become heavy and difficult.

It also has a valve that facilitates the drainage of the water that is able to filter inside the equipment by simply removing the head from the water, GoPro accessories for the installation of photographic or video cameras, and thus share the fantastic experience later.

It is recommended to wash the mask once it is finished to remove the salt, dry it properly and leave it inside the net where the air will finish removing all traces of water that may be present.

7. Greatever G2

Greatever G2
8.3/10 Our Score


  • Come with Detachable Camera Mount
  • Anti Leak Mask
  • Available in 6 colors


  • Cleaning required after sometimes


The mask for snorkeling model Greatever has a wide field for the free visualization of the environment, which does not prevent the comfortable breathing of the athlete through the nose or mouth, who decides while doing the activity.

The Greatever snorkel mask has a lens that makes viewing much more satisfying, you can enjoy a hundred percent real images of the marine world; unlike other masks that have curved lenses.

These curved lenses transmit images with a fish-eye filter, this filter can distort reality, things seem to be further away than they really are, and above all: it causes physical discomforts to the swimmer, such as dizziness and headaches.

The camera has divisions between the eyes and the nose with the mouth, which prevents the fogging of the viewfinder, in that way, the person’s breathing will not reach the viewer and his vision will not be disturbed at any time.

This helps to keep calm because the fogging can be annoying and slow down the fun. The swimmer will have to stop his activity to defuse the mask and a lot of precious time can be lost in this.

Greatever is a perfectly foldable complete mask, this will reduce the falls that can be caused by any reason. It has a long lifespan because it is very durable and will not present those problems other non-collapsible masks if they have.

There will be no problems during installation such as damage to the buckle or loss of the equipment itself. It also has models of different colors for a personalized and more rewarding purchase.

First-time swimmers or people who have never practiced this activity can use this mask that is perfect for them because it is easy to maintain a good breathing rate using it.

If you are a lover of networks or you love sharing the funniest experiences you’ve ever had, the Greatever allows you to add a camera in the GoPro accessory that is included.

The use of Greatever is simple and its installation much more, the person will have to take it from its straps and place them on the back of his head, slide it and be sure that his fit is the ideal, correct size and, very important, comfortable to move.

If you want to prove that there is no leak you just have to breathe, if after this you feel a kind of pressure on the equipment, you will be sure that you have a perfect seal. However, if the air is filtered somewhere, you will have to keep adjusting until you decide that it is okay.

8. Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask

Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask
8.0/10 Our Score


  • Adjustable Head Straps
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to use


  • None


The Ninja Shark Snorkel Mask Full Face Set is an innovative model like no other, is made of silicone that has no toxic properties and is of very good quality.

Ninja Shark does not have that disadvantage of not being able to touch his nose, because it has a special design that allows the swimmer to press his nose through the material for a better fit and the best of all is that it has a standard size for general use.

The Ninja Shark has its network to transport it easily while the air allows it to finish drying and also with GoPro support for all cameras that may be compatible. There will be no excuse for not sharing the incredible underwater captures.

The full face mask Ninja Shark stands out for having a tube different from the other masks made for snorkeling.

This tube has a single air inlet but up to two outlets, which helps avoid fogging and breathing as if they were out of the water. And as if that were not enough, an additional chamber for breathing is added.

The aforementioned additional mask for breathing offers extra ventilation, something that definitely does not have another mask.

The tube of the Ninja Shark has a bow, specifically designed to meet a special angle that gives the person breathe more optimally.

The reason that you have included two channels for air release is to completely clean the mask of any concentration of CO2, that way there will be more room for pure oxygen and fresh air.

Mentioning, of course, that it reduces fogging, improves breathing and adds extra and necessary ventilation, its integrated silicone seal is not at all uncomfortable; it avoids possible leaks and leaks that may occur in the middle of the action that may occur during the activity. Saltwater can be uncomfortable and corrosive to the eyes and mouth.

In any case and as you have to think about everything if water gets to seep inside the equipment, the person with only leaning will be freed from the water, which will come out through the purge valve.

Ninja Shark has proven to be a very modern and innovative full face mask, created to make the snorkeling experience even more enjoyable and not leave room for worries or discomforts.

It is constantly tested on different beaches for a long time to ensure that it is the perfect equipment if you want to snorkel and have fun, without settling for less than the best the market has to offer.

9. Unigear 180° Mask

For Adults
Unigear 180° Mask
7.9/10 Our Score


  • Good for Adults and Youth
  • Come with Camera Mount and Earplug
  • Easy breath


  • Not for kids!


The Unigear mask offers the opportunity to make the most of your snorkel, with an accessible field of up to 180 degrees to capture with your eyes the best underwater images you can achieve.

In this Unigear 180 snorkel mask, one looks for to admire with the eyes while it breathes naturally by the nose or by the mouth, and with the model Unigear, it is simple to obtain it.

Why not admire after all the fun through a video? The Unigear has the support that can be installed in a simple way to place a camera and save all the great moments in a video and different photos.

The tube of this full-face camera is collapsible, just pressing a simple button will ensure that the team will not suffer any damage if a devastating fall occurs and you can count on your team for much longer.

The tube that filters the air inside and outside the mask is about 23.62 centimeters long; The person can reach even deeper than with other full face masks or conventional snorkel masks.

The inhalation channel and the exhalation channel are different, they do not come together, this allows an autonomous flow of air that allows the camera’s viewfinder to remain clear and without fog.

The swimmer can breathe comfortably if kept near the surface, however, if you are looking to descend a little more, do not worry about filtering the water through the tube because it is sealed automatically with a ball that has integrated.


Foldable Tube
7.5/10 Our Score


  • Large View
  • Removable Camera Mount
  • Good for all people


  • Maintenance required


SEABEAST AF90 is a full face mask that also enters this list because it has enough features to stand out as one of the best full face snorkel masks.

This full-face snorkel mask is designed to breathe freely and without pressure from the nose, as breathing through the mouth and with a conventional mask can become annoying and destroy what could have been a good recreational activity.

The tube that brings the full SEABEAST AF90 mask is foldable to save it in the fastest and easiest way, in addition to transporting it without any problem.

The person who chooses this mask will forget that the fogging was once a problem since this mask was made with modern technology to avoid and eliminate any possibility of the mask becoming fogged and vision obstructed.

Now it will be possible to be entertained without limits in that wonderful environment that surrounds him because the visualization is extensive thanks to different angles.

Water filtration is a situation that all masks should avoid. SEABEAST AF90, being designed to innovate with state-of-the-art technology, prevents the person from looking at this annoying inconvenience.

Its hydrophilic coating is a sample of its high-quality manufacturing, as it allows absorption of the moisture inside and releases it naturally.

This full-face camera has camera support that is removable, to suit the tastes and demands of the person; If you want to record or capture the images, you can easily install it, and if you do not look for this, you can remove it just as easily.

The straps of the AF90 are thick but they are still soft, adjustable, and easy to manipulate for a better grip on the head of the person and support on the face.

Things You Need To Know About Snorkeling Masks

Best Full Face Snorkel Masks

Full-face snorkel masks 2021 are easier to see. What can be due to that many of them are specially designed to cover a full range of about 180 degrees. If you are a fan of snorkeling then must check the best snorkeling spots in Cozumel and make a plan of going there.

In addition to that, a good number of the most modern masks are made with special materials that prevent fogging caused by the breathing of the person who is using it.

With a full mask, the person will not have divisions between the mouth and the nose, therefore he will not be forced to breathe only through the mouth, You can breathe freely, without heaviness or difficulty.

When practicing snorkeling, anyone can say that breathing underwater is extremely difficult if you use only the mouth, the same is not something that is done by natural reflection among humans.

The tube used by traditional masks is considered extremely uncomfortable and even unsanitary.

The face of the swimmer will be protected at all times underwater in case an accident can occur, such as an animal that can sting or hit a hard surface.

The only time the person will have to hold their breath is when they decide to submerge completely, and even then they do not have to worry about leaking water inside the mask thanks to the integrated shut-off valve.

What Happened if you don’t use Snorkel Mask?

If the person chooses not to wear a snorkel mask and carry out the activity without the equipment indicated, they may suffer certain disadvantages. When trying to see under the water without protection: the eyes may be irritated by saltwater or chlorine, in case it is a pool.

In addition, breathing will become difficult and very hard if you wear a conventional mask and not complete; the person will have to leave continuously in search of oxygen to continue practicing snorkeling.

Snorkeling is an activity that can only be enjoyed freely and without worry about the perfect equipment.

Therefore full-face snorkel masks are the most modern and comfortable option, mainly because they do not force the person to breathe through the mouth only but they give him the freedom to breathe through his mouth as well as his nose.

Overcoming traditional and conventional masks that are not complete, but have lenses and a tube that allows the person to breathe through the mouth only.


If you are interested in buying a full face mask with all those characteristics that make it perfect, you should know mainly what it is that you are personally looking for and what you can get in the market.

The full mask is designed so that the water did not enter, however, it can bring a purge valve in the base in any case that water gets to seep inside.

It should be noted that the reason that water can be a bad choice of the size of the mask, so it is good to get your measurements and know what is the size that is perfect for yourself.

Full masks are more recommended for men who have beards or mustaches for comfort, because conventional masks may not adapt much to them.

The straps and buckles that full face masks feature are made of soft but firm material and designed to have a solid grip around the swimmer’s head.

The buckles allow it to be adjusted even better if the user’s head is smaller or larger, they are comfortable and will not be embedded in the skin unfavorably.

One of the many advantages is that these full masks will stay dry inside to keep the face dry and clean the areas of the eyes and mouth next to the nose. This is due to its hermetic seal and its integrated purge valve.

How to Defog a Mask?

The full face masks, depending on their design and manufacture, have different measures that were taken to avoid fogging. For example, multiple channels for airflow or separation of the mask in sections. Check How to defog mask with lighter.

Some others have a special coating of the chemical called antifog, which prevents the fogging of the visor, prevents water from condensing inside the mask, and forming the drops.

As well as there are multiple natural and commercial demisters in the market, and even natural products whose function is not specifically to demist, and even then it has been proven they are perfect for the task. These adapt to the taste of each person.


Can you dive with a full face snorkel mask?

Yes, You can but you have to make sure that you wearing the mask in the right way and it fits on your face. Otherwise, the answer is simply no!

Are full face mask snorkels safe?

Yes, it is safe to use snorkel masks but few of them build with CO2 inside which is not acceptable.

Can you breathe underwater with a full face mask?

Yes, You can breathe underwater with the mask and it is normal as you take breathe normally. That’s not a big deal for you.

Do full face snorkel masks work with glasses?

No! because it doesn’t work with a full-face snorkel mask.


The market is extensive and to achieve a wise choice of what the perfect mask will depend on what the person is looking for specifically and some other variants such as gender, size, among others.

Full-face masks are more modern than conventional snorkel masks, and they became big favorites because of the advantages of having one of them as the team on hand to get some fun. Check Top Bowling Balls for more products.

The implementation of cutting-edge technology and quality materials make them a team with which the athlete or the beginner can breathe naturally without having water running inside, and is the star feature of these full-face masks.

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