Best Scuba Diving in Maine

The city of Maine counts as one of the fifty states that make up the United States. Maine has 16 counties that include Houston, Ellsworth, Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Skowhegan, among others.

This city, very rich in tourism, has endless cultural places, art museums, and a graceful acquisition of the most important paintings of the United States of the 19th century. Acadia Park is very popular among tourists as is Mount Katahdin, Baxter Park, and the worldwide Roosevelt International Park.

Maine has a very stable economy; its highest income goes in crops of potatoes, corn, peas, beets, eggs, among others. Most of its forests are private since the pulp of trees is exploited to make wood and its derivatives such as paper.

With this in mind, Maine has immense land and marine beauty, so diving in these lakes or battleships is something that tourists keep very present to visit this beautiful city.


Best Scuba Diving in Maine 2021

Best Scuba Diving in Maine

The city of Maine is characterized by having a variety in its climate; it has hot and hot summers as well as frozen and very cold winters. If you are a person who loves to dive, because Maine is the best option, in the summer, the city lends itself to this type of activity, and enthusiasts of this sport know it very well.

The water temperature in the summer stays between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius, making it very cold water compared to the rest. It is advisable to wear diving suits thick enough to prevent hypothermia

The vision of the water is somewhat dark if we can compare ourselves with other dive sites, mostly this can be appreciated if we go deeper than 30 or 50 feet. But leaving all this behind Maine is incredible for diving, and in the course of the block, we will explain why.

Diving in Maine is very diverse, it is not common to find reefs among its waters for having a relatively cold climate, but if you have a wide variety of wildlife and marine life all around, you can find crabs, strange fish, lobsters, and other animals marine that other dive sites do not provide.

The way to get access to this dive is using boats, Maine’s coasts are characterized by not having easy access by owning steep coasts around them.

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Top 4 Best Scuba Diving in Maine, USA

The city of Maine has a diversity of landscapes and marine life, for diving in Maine there are a lot of sites, but among the most mentioned and visited by tourists are:

  1. Nubble Light

Location: Cape Neddick, Sohier Park in York County

Tourists visit this destination, many call it Cape Neddick Light or “the light of Cape Neddick,” which is located on the island of Nubble about 91 meters from Cape Neddick.

This lighthouse was built in the mid-18th century and is an American historical symbol. The location of the lighthouse is a few meters from the shore, more than anything separates it from being an islet or a small island where such a lighthouse is located, this site is ideal for diving as it keeps the waters calm.

At first glance, a surface full of algae will be observed, but as you take depth you can observe the beauty that hides in marine fauna, you can have crabs, lobsters, rays, haddocks, among other interesting animals to see.

This site has a very low seabed; it is stipulated that it is about 15 meters deep, of course, as mentioned earlier, the positive aspect that brings the coasts of Maine is that its waters can be very dark so it is recommended not descend to more than 10 feet to nourish us with its beautiful marine fauna.

It is recommended to visit this site on business days to dive with peace and tranquility; weekends are very busy in Nubble Light so it can be annoying and stressful for some.

  1. Biddeford Pool

Location: Saco Bay, south coast of Maine

Biddeford Pool is located on the coasts south of the city of Maine; it is a very visited site with a lot of tourists annually. It has beautiful landscapes, some sunsets without equal and a very interesting story to know.

Among the inhabitants, this area is known as “the gut” named for having a completely natural tidal pool that becomes a flat land at a time when the sea is not so murky.

In times of high tide, this site becomes a place full of diving fans, it has a depth of approximately 25 feet, which is not so deep, but in the background, you can appreciate its beautiful marine life.

In Biddeford Pool, there is a museum that was previously part of a boat station; it is completely interesting and full of interesting information about the marine life that is around it.

In this area, you can also see sea lions from 10 feet deep, as well as crabs and other underwater animals. Many of these mammals can be seen in shallow waters taking a little sun.

  1. Twin Lights

Location: 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of Portland

Twin Lights is a very special tourist site if your goal is Diving in Maine, this place is located just 8 km south of the city of portland.

The twin lights are very popular for having a beautiful and extensive territory, it is a state park with 17 hectares in the city of Maine, in this area, there is no specific lighthouse, but there is an immense and varied marine life just a few centimeters

It has a depth of only 40 feet, of the two destinations mentioned above this is the second deepest if you want diving in Maine completely interesting and without any danger.

It has two lighthouses built approximately in the 18th century so the term “twin lights” is due to that. Both lighthouses are separated by a great distance, one at the eastern end which is still operational, and another at the western end, which currently does not work.

Before diving, you should visit a very famous restaurant in the area where tourists say they serve the “best lobster stew in the world” or at least the entire city of Maine.

Marine life is divided into large crustaceans a few meters deep; it has an area with thick algae so it is not advisable to dive in summer times. Maine and “twin lights” is popular for its found artifacts, most of these belonged to the coast guard of previous centuries, so it is normal to observe many bounty hunters in the area.

  1. Fort Foster

Location: Kittery Point, Kittery, Maine

This site is located southwest of the island called “Gerrish.” This is a national park with lots of history, beaches and some trails for the enjoyment of the immense amount of tourists who visit it on weekends.

The sites of interest in Fort Foster are the port of Portsmouth, for the constitution, whaleback light, and harbor light. Among them, you will also find the beautiful beaches as well as their incredible sites for diving in general.

This place located in Kittery point-Maine was part of a military fortress that operated from the 18th to the 19th century, but that remained in the past, nowadays it is a tourist site where all its beauty is centered on the beaches near said facility military.

This site is ideal for those divers who are starting in the world since it has a depth of only 25 feet, so it can be used for practices or to adapt to the suit you will wear throughout this exercise.

In marine life, you can find many crabs of various sizes and colors, as well as gigantic lobsters. Experts recommend that if you see, some marine animals do not take them out of their natural habitat since you could get sick due to their bad management.

But if you want to eat everything that I observe on a long day of diving, go to the famous restaurant in the area where you can enjoy all that and much more.

Maine has great beauty from end to end, has great parks, beautiful marine life, and an unmatched amount of places where they provide good food, visit Maine and fill your weekend in something like no other.

The four places to dive already mentioned are very popular among tourists and entrepreneurs to new adventures, but not only that brings us, Maine, since it has an immense cultural and landscape variety that will leave us stunned and eager to see again.

The Acadia National Park located in Maine is an incredible sight, it has mountains, forests, lakes, and a great coast where you would quickly think “I want a dive in Maine” and do not limit yourself because if possible.

This place, as well as beauty, also has large-scale tourism; you can hire excursions for your enjoyment 100% where you can know the best places for photos, the most popular lighthouses in each of its islands, and the places where the whales approach.

The way to be in Maine is by renting its varied number of apartments or huts; their prices can vary depending on how close or how far away you are from the sites of interest, but usually, they go from 30 to 100 dollars per night.

This city has many things that when saying it in an article of this aspect it falls short; they visit the city and see for themselves the immense variety in landscapes, tourism, history, culture, and especially the best sites of United States to dive.

Maine has a lot of potentials, but very few people know about it, so I invite you to cheer up and be one of those few people who benefit from your diversity in things.

Get organized and think seriously about visiting Maine, you will not regret it, it will be the best decision you will make in your life. Spend an incredible family vacation, and all this may be possible in the city of Maine.

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