Can You Wear Earplugs When Snorkeling?

Can You Wear Earplugs When Snorkeling

Do you know how many infections and bacterial diseases can be caused due to excess moisture in your ear? If yes! Then we are having the solution to every problem of yours. Different earplugs can allow you to stay away from unwanted noises, dust, and toxic particles present in the environment.

 If you are a swimmer, you might be thinking that is swimming hazardous for your ears? Yes, it is! The following guide contains information about some of the questions that can help you to dig out that whether it is safe to wear earplugs while snorkeling or not. The guide is going to provide you with answers to your much-asked questions.


Can You Wear Earplugs When Snorkeling?

Snorkeling might be a hobby for many but it can also be dangerous at times. Wearing earplugs to stay safe from these potential dangers is ideal. If you want to dive in the water and explore the coral reefs, then you must be aware of the disease named swimmer’s ear (otitis external). It can be caused when you have some infection in the external ear canal. No matter you are swimming at pools, in rivers, or oceans. It can be caused due sweating to a greater extent.

This disease is common in young and adult ones and results in temporary hearing loss. You will feel itchiness, and fluid discharges continuously. To avoid such a condition, you must be knowing the fact that precautions are better than cure. There are silicon-made earplugs that can be a source of relief for you.

It is entirely safe to wear these earplugs while snorkeling. But before wearing these, you can warm them up in your hands, and in the winter season, keep them somewhere for a few seconds; the place must be cozy so that the earplugs can make you feel comfortable.

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Can I Wear Earplugs While Scuba Diving?

You can’t wear the standard earplugs during scuba diving because they create airspaces that can’t be balanced when a person dives. There are vented earplugs for deep diving. The divers must have experienced ear pain throughout their careers once for sure, which might be caused due to spending more time underwater. 

We won’t suggest wearing earplugs unless you are not taking the suggestion of an expert. They might give you the most satisfactory solution according to your situation by examining your ear. There are the most renowned brands whose earplugs. The companies usually make these by creating holes that let the pressure be equalized. These holes resist the water entering your ear canal.

Although there are some disadvantages of wearing earplugs if your earplug just came out of your ear and the water rushed into your ear, causing damage and temporary dizziness, the best quality earplugs with the guarantee that they won’t come out during diving are a blessing. If you find the reliable ones with the surety from the brand, do purchase them.

Can You Damage Your Ears While Wearing Earplugs?

The earplugs do not exactly damage your ears but they do pose potential harm if not handled properly. They can also damage the ear’s waxy substance, which is present there to protect the ear from unwanted dirt from the atmosphere. The use of earplugs makes the wax enter the ear canal, so to avoid this, we must clean the earplugs and our ear canals daily. Do take care of your ear; the decision is yours with earplugs or without.

Hearing loss is observed worldwide, and this is because of the disclosure of noise which usually ends up resulting in deafness and ringing within the ear. The earplugs are made to protect us from getting into such worse circumstances. Using them accurately should be our topmost priority.

If you pass by the road and hear some irritative sounds that you feel like these sounds can be dangerous to your ears, you must wear them. While in concerts where you keep listening to rock music for over an hour, you are supposed to wear them. If you are in a constructional work and you deal with machinery, then earplugs are the solution.

Which Earplugs Should I Buy For Snorkeling?

The commonly recommended ones are Mack’s Pillow Soft Putty Earplugs. They are a perfect fit for every ear size and have a seal too to maintain the space. These are budget-friendly, no doubt, and you can customize them according to your choice. If you want to go for disposable earplugs, this one is the best choice but make sure to use them twice.

The silicon material is used; They are airtight, and you are advised to wear them while swimming, traveling, attending concerts, or at work. These earplugs show excellent results preventing the growth of fungus in the ear. They are approved by the doctors of the US. The resistance of noise takes place so that you might enjoy rock bands.

Recommended Snorkeling Mask With Built-In Ear Covers

If these earplugs are a reason for your irritation, then you can go great with a new snorkeling mask. The one which we recommend is the IST Pro Ear Mask. This creative mask is designed to keep the ears dry. This one was first designed for diving, but on the other hand, it is a tremendous option for snorkeling as well.

But the only disadvantage is that these are a bit expensive, you can only wear them during the special snorkeling sessions. Keep a check on the frame as it must give a 180-degree view. The strap should be strong enough never to let your mask be misplaced due to the waves creating pressure on it. WSTOO Full Face Snorkel Mask is also one of the best sellers all around the world.


In the above-mentioned questions, we have answered your queries, and we hope that now you can find out the best earplugs in town. Don’t just rely on earplugs; keep your ears cleaned, never intake anything that can create a problem for your health and organs. Keep your ears dry. If you are using earplugs, you must lubricate your ear with some oils but take the doctor’s advice first. Always wear earplugs when swimming to stay safe from potential ear diseases.

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