Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Snorkel Mask Reviews

Here in this article, we guide you about Hollis M1 Scuba Mask and guide you is it good for you to use or not. Because people looking for snorkel masks for kids and women too. So, Stay with us.

Exploring the marine world at some point was crazy, but technological advances have allowed humans to live privileged experiences that previously could hardly imagine.

However, the idea is not so simple, it is not about simply jumping into the water and exploring the depths, rather it should be done with good diving equipment that guarantees a unique experience.

The mask is an element that is part of the whole team, and it could be said that after the oxygen system, vision is perhaps the most important factor that must be taken into account, before acquiring a diving mask.

Although in the market there are different brands and a variety of designs and models, anyone who wants to buy must have a lens that provides optical quality under any circumstances.

For any diver, a distorted vision can be quite uncomfortable, so it is important to assess the material with which it is made and the capabilities in the visual field offered by the product.

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Hollis M1 Frameless Scuba Snorkel Mask Review

Hollis M1 Review

This is a diving lens, which provides the consumer with a distortion-free vision in submarine expeditions as the main virtue. It also provides great resistance to the harmful agents of diving and saltpeter and that adapt to any spectrum of light, under any climatic condition and water temperature.

The Hollies M1 masks have an extra clear glass, with extraordinary optical qualities that avoid at all costs visual distortion and allowing the transmission of the highest light, unlike other masks.

The demand for this product in the market is very great since it not only provides benefits in relation to the perfect vision in low light conditions but also offers greater comfort for the consumer, is light, and has an extraordinary resistance to Pass lakes periods of time underwater without it being annoying.

In addition to the wide vision it offers, the Hollis M1 masks have a low volume to cover all the diver’s expectations. It is made with a frameless skirt of 100% silicone to provide greater lightness and comfort, have a clear glass lens, no frame, and has a low iron content.

The design of this brand allows us to save it easy and fast thanks to its flexibility, the skirts of this team is double and are made of silicones that adapt to the contour of the face. The strap is wide to provide greater support and its buckle system is low profile but they fit easily and securely for a perfect seal. It can be easily cleaned and its glass is resistant and difficult to scratch

These masks are also characterized by their innovative designs of great appeal, in the market, you can find different models and colors according to the preference of the public. In some cases, these devices come with an ideal protective mask case for storage.


The elements that make up a product say a lot about its quality and excellence. Such data provide sufficient information so that the buyer can decide between acquiring the product or not, for example, Hollis M1 lenses are characterized by:

  • Provide high-quality visibility without distortion under any light spectrum, especially areas with low light.
  • Refracts light in any of its spectra and adapts to any climate.
  • Thanks to its flexible design, it is easy to clean.
  • Its conditions of flexibility, it is easily stored in a pocket.
  • It is light and soft, which provides greater comfort to the diver.
  • It has an extra clear glass, with exceptional optical qualities that prevent visual fatigue.
  • Does not have a rigid frame.
  • Easily adapts to the contour of the face.
  • Skirts are made of silicon.
  • You can find different designs and colors in the market.
  • It has a low internal volume.
  • The system of buckles and straps.


One of the main factors that must be taken into account before acquiring a product is its effectiveness. The virtues of diving masks are the key to living the best experience in the depths of the ocean, in the case of Hollis M1, they are characterized by:

  • Offer an impeccable and undistorted vision even in low light conditions.
  • It is able to refract light in any of its spectra and adapt to any light condition.
  • This fact of silicon provides greater lightness and comfort to the diver.
  • The material is quite resistant, so you can spend long periods underwater and not be annoying.
  • Its system of buckles and strap are in a fairly wide tongue. What provides a greater fit and security.
  • It does not have a rigid frame, this allows it to adapt to the contour of the face.
  • It has an extra clear lens that provides perfect vision and without distortions.
  • The market offers different models, designs and colors that make M1 lenses more attractive.
  • The skirts of the M1 lenses are double, this provides greater resistance and quality to dive.
  • Its double lenses allow a greater field of vision to the diver.


No matter how good a product is, and although this is an excellent material, many people will always express their discontent. However, it must be taken into account when in a product its virtues are greater than its disadvantages, for example:

  • If it is not adjusted correctly, there will be water leaks.
  • Some water conditions cause the glasses to fog.
  • Large tongues may be too large for some people.
  • Due to its design, it only covers the eyes leaving the nose on the outside, this can be uncomfortable forcing the divers to opt for other types of oxygenation systems.
  • Your system of buckles and straps can be a bit complex for some people, either tying them or untying them.
  • A precise cleaning pattern must be followed to prevent the vision of the glasses from becoming cloudy.


Part of the objectives of technology is precisely to provide solutions and make possible ideas that previously could hardly be thought of. One of them was to be able to practice extreme activities reducing the risks to the maximum, the dives, for example, can be considered a sport, as a profession that seeks to discover the secrets of the deep waters.

However, although some objectives are scientific studies, today many people can take it as an extreme adventure to live a different experience. That is why before putting our body to the limit, it is necessary to evaluate certain conditions, the most important is to have diving equipment of excellent quality that reduces the risks to the maximum.

The internet, on the other hand, is an excellent tool to acquire any product that meets our needs and requirements, which is why the brand of Hollis M1 has been able to position itself among the first options suppliers of diving equipment, thanks to its innovative designs and equipment. of great resistance and quality that so much demands this practice.

The equipment must meet certain requirements and be equipped with certain characteristics so that it can be considered a good option among the diversity of alternatives that exist in the market. Opinions, for example, are a source of information that customers take into account before purchasing a product, in the case of this excellent brand, you can see in many portals the satisfaction of many people.

Regardless of age and size, Hollis M1 lenses will adapt to your face and guarantee you the best experience safely and without risk.

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