Can You Wear Life Jacket While Snorkeling?

Can You Wear Life Jacket While Snorkeling?

Are you preparing for your first snorkeling trip deep in the oceans? Well, being a beginner, a thought might pop into your head whether you can wear a life jacket while snorkeling. So, keep on reading as you will going to find your best answer in this informative guide. 

However, snorkeling can be an enjoyable activity but potentially it contains risks of drowning down in the water. Even confident swimmers sometimes lose their energy and consider wearing a snorkeling aid to help them survive during the moment. Well, this aid can be your snorkeling vest or a life jacket; although, both things may look similar but functions differently. 

Moreover, both the life jacket or snorkeling can be worn while snorkeling but, it depends upon a variety of factors. These factors may include your ability to swim, depth and location, and the ease of rescue. So, let’s dive into the comparison and see which one is best for you. 


Life Jacket VS Snorkeling Vest

Life jackets are mostly made of foam, bigger, and flat-able while snorkeling vests are small and inflatable. Also, Snorkeling vests are never a good idea to rely on while floating as they do not act as a lifesaver in any rescue or dangerous situations. However, a life jacket can serve you as a swimming aid if you are tired or hurt in any condition. 

Additionally, it is noticed that lifejackets have made snorkeling a difficult task as they are designed to lift swimmer’s face out of the water while swimming. In short, a life jacket can be worn even if you are not an under-confident swimmer but it cannot be suggested as a better alternative for snorkeling vests.

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Here we have bought some of the best recommendations to have a look for your next snorkeling trip:

1. STEARNS Youth Boating Vest (50-90 lbs.)

Stearns youth boating vest is one of the options if you are looking for anything for your young child. It is designed to handle around 50 to 90 pounds of weight without any hassle. Also, the material and adjustments offer the best fitting to enjoy your trip rather than bulging with the loose life vests. Let’s have a look at its amazing offers. 

Different activities:

This life vest is designed to perform different activities like tubbing, swimming, boating, etc. It is a complete package to go with if you are a fan of different water activities.

Perfect fit: 

Well, the way the product is designed, comes with 3 adjustable open-sided buckles to help you get the perfect fit rather than ruining your trip due to the loss of life jacket.

Easy release: 

Design ensure the product is easy to release. All the buckles equipped with an easy squeeze method for easy and comfortable donning or doffing.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Offers a comfortable time
  • US guard approved.
  • Easy-release mechanism 
  • Does not have a zipper

If you know someone under 50-90 lbs who wants a best-fitted life vest, then this is the best option to go with. 

2. Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest

Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest is designed using good nylon fabric that resists tears or punctures with the pressure of water. Also, it is designed to offer comfort as well as a stylish look with a zipped front. This life vest comes with ventilation holes to keep you cool during exhausting activities.  Let’s have a look at its excellent features:

Heavy-duty Zipper:

The vest is designed while keeping all possibilities in mind. The zipper helps to prevent the vest from riding up while peddling.


Comfort is what everyone looks for, this vest comes with large armholes to offer the freedom of movement when you are paddling or swimming under the water.

Lash tab: 

Moreover, this jacket also contains a lash tab to contain and easy access to the little useable things like a knife, whistle, flag, etc.

  • Reflective light material indicates your presence from the far.
  • High pocket storage helps you keep things in easy reach.
  • Ventilation panels keep you cool under the scorching sun with the jacket on.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes to fit everyone.
  • Size can be a complicated part

Well, if you are looking for something that can be your holy grail in every sense whether they feel or the features, then hands down, this product is the one you should go with. 

3. Seachoice Life Vest – Multiple Sizes

The sea choice life vest offers the quality life vest to et your self indulge in water activities without worrying about drowning. The vest comes in bright colors to enhances the visibility of the person in the water. Also, comes with buckle straps to adjust the size and fitting. It can be a perfect match for a person up to 90lbs. let’s have a look at features:

Good Fit:

Buckles and strap adjustments ensure a good fit to wear and swim without hassle.

Bright color:

It comes in bright orange and yellow color. It enhances visibility and lowers the chance of missing help in critical situations.


Sea choice life vest is made of premium quality nylon to offer durability in the heavy pressure of water.

  • Enhances visibility
  • Holds up to 90lbs
  • Approved by US Coast Guard
  • Extra-large size 
  • Uncomfortable design

So, this life vest can be best suitable for the ones who can adjust a little discomfort. Like if the design and only one strap do not bother anyone it can be a great choice.


While concluding up the whole thing I will suggest you wear a snorkeling vest for the particular task. However, a life jacket can be its alternative but not the best one; it can cause you trouble while diving deep in the water. 

Furthermore, I will recommend Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest for snorkeling due to its best features. Some of the incredible features I found are the reflective light material and lash tab. In the end, I hope this guide may have served its purpose and answer all your questions. Do let me know the reason why you think a life jacket is the best alternative for a snorkeling vest.

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