ScubaPro Synergy 2 Twin Trufit Scuba Diving Mask Review

Diving is one of the most extreme sports activities that anyone could practice, dive into the water and explore the bottom of the oceans or rivers, it can be a little challenging because our organs are not designed to hold their breath so long under the Water. That is why today special equipment has been manufactured to supply the deficiencies of our body, and thus to reach the depths that we could not before, either as a profession or sport. However, it is essential to have good equipment that does not defraud in the attempt. They must be resistant, but also provide all the comfort possible when using them.

One of these essential pieces of equipment to practice diving, are the special masks to see under the water with which we can explore many meters deep. Fortunately, ScubaPro is a brand recognized worldwide for offering products of excellent quality, for fans of these extreme practices, which guarantee a unique experience with resistant equipment.


ScubaPro Synergy 2 Twin TruFit Snorkel Mask Review

ScubaPro Synergy 2 Review

It is a special lens for high technology diving, which provides the user with a broad and clear vision in the water. One of the greatest virtues of this equipment is undoubtedly comfort that offers consumers, people can feel calm while diving, as these glasses, adapts to the contour of the face and provide greater comfort, thanks to its Trufit technology, and that it is two skirts.

The first skirt is the interior that is composed of a material based on soft and thin silicone that fits easily to the contour of the skin and provides much more comfort. The second skirt is the outer one is composed of the same silicone material, but it is a firmer version to provide rigidity to the equipment in the required areas.

This team has a double lens which provides a greater reach in the visual field. Thanks to the design of double skirts, divers can have long periods underwater, as this equipment contains a hermetic seal and at the same time provides comfort and convenience. Its system of straps and buckle is easily adjustable and ensures, while the release of it is easy and fast and have tabs that adhere to the skirt. The Best Scuba Mask also consider this mask in the list.

The look and design say a lot about a product, which is why SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT lenses have a paint based on the sprinkler on the contours and provide the equipment with greater appeal. The technology offered by ScubaPro in SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT lenses has been the hallmark of the success that guarantees consumers the experience of diving with excellent quality equipment, as this product is basically adaptable to all faces without disappointing consumer expectations, including this product in the diving equipment, will make the diver feel familiar with the underwater world.



The SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT lenses offer much more than an underwater experience. This excellent team is endowed with excellent characteristics that accredit the quality throughout the market:

  • The design of this product is based on the technology Trufit Technology, which uses two skirts whose combination, constitute a hermetic and comfortable seal.
  • The first lack of this equipment is made of soft and fine silicone. Its objective is to provide comfort to the skin and at the same time provide a better fit.
  • The second skirt, is on the outside, like the first, is made of silicone but this time is firm and resistant to provide greater rigidity in areas that require it.
  • You can easily identify the technology of this equipment thanks to the texture of Nervaduras that are typical of the brand.
  • The buckle system is based on micro-adjustable straps, this allows the clips to be safe, comfortable and hermetic.
  • It has buttons as part of its buckle system, these adjust to the tabs of the skirts and allows movement to be optimal when marked in shape.
  • The tongues of these lenses are quite flexible, which means that the marking can be folded to travel.
  • Its dual lens design allows for clearer vision and provides a wider field of view to the diver.


The virtues of a product are the key to its success and the reason why new buyers add to the consumption. It can be said that the benefit of SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT lenses is by:

  • The material of this equipment is provided by one of the best brands in the market, it is of excellent quality and constitutes great resistance.
  • Some versions of this equipment may include accessories such as fins or carrying bags.
  • The designs have a double floating bag.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Provides greater comfort since its material is soft.
  • Easily adjust to the contour of any face.
  • Prices are quite affordable for the public.
  • The system of buckles and clasps quite safe and reliable.
  • Independent lens viewers to cover a wider field of view.


No product pleases 100% to the public, for many advantages that it has, there is always something of dissatisfaction in some people. In the case of SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT lenses, it could be said that:

  • Lamentably it has leaks or leaks, in which the water is sometimes filtered.
  • The system of buckles and straps for some people is complicated.
  • Its double lenses prevent the design from covering the nose, forcing divers to opt for other options for oxygen; this is uncomfortable in some people.
  • The adjustment of the straps to the head can be difficult to tie or untie.
  • According to the facial expressions of some divers, the contour of the mask mismatches the face and leads to leaks.


Today the human being has a wide variety for activities of any kind and live the adventures that most want more easily without exposing himself so much to danger, that freedom is mainly due to technological advances that provide safe tools to develop any skill. You pick best snorkel masks after reading reviews.

Just a few centuries ago, the idea of exploring the underwater world was almost impossible to think about. Some men tried to expand the range of their respiratory capabilities, only to want to know more about the ocean; however, thanks to technological advances it is no longer necessary to require a relevant profession to dive in the sea or in rivers.

It is essential to have a good high-tech team to dare to explore the depths of the sea, water pressure is the main factor that ends with the lives of thousands of divers every year, that is why the quality of the equipment must be The main characteristic that must be taken into account before buying a product.

The ScubaPro brand has accumulated many credits during its appearance in the market, making it the best choice of expert divers who constantly use their products to explore the depths of the water. However, this brand has not only been based on procuring materials of excellent quality but also to provide the greatest possible comfort during the adventures.

Some explorations can last long periods of time, which is why the SYNERGY 2 TWIN TRUFIT lenses must cover any need of the divers in every second, which is why the comfort it provides is its greatest virtue. Spending a lot of time underwater with uncomfortable equipment can be very annoying.

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