Should I Wear Gloves While Snorkeling?

Should I Wear Gloves While Snorkeling

You might want to be entirely prepared if you are going on vacation or a trip especially if that trip involves snorkeling too. But if you are not sure whether it is worth investing in gloves for snorkeling or you can pass on them, this article will help you in this regard. Well, choosing to wear gloves comes down to one’s preference you might want to know why divers always wear gloves, what are the benefits of them.


Should I Wear Gloves While Snorkeling?

Benefits Of Using Gloves While Snorkeling:

There are two main reasons to wear gloves while snorkeling. In short, these reasons are: 

  • Prevents you from hypothermia. 
  • For the protection of your hands. 

Prevents You From Hypothermia

Generally, and mostly, snorkeling is done in warm water or moderate temperature water. However, if you find that your hands start feeling cold whenever you are snorkeling, you shouldn’t skip wearing gloves. Hypothermia has greater water chances than air as the human body loses heat in water than air 26 times faster. 

Therefore, even in warm water, you are exposed to the risk of hypothermia. Other than that, the ocean or water experiences many thermal changes too. However, they are not predictable, but you should be ready and prepared to tackle them.

For The Protection Of Your Hands

Maybe an aggressive fish detects your bare hands as prey, threat, or even food. Further, this would urge them to attack both fish and diver eventually. Other than that, gloves can give you safety and protection against sharper and dangerous things. As you may come in contact with them accidentally.

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Why Do Divers Wear Gloves? 

Lethal species are present all over the sea or water. The divers may have to move upward or downward and here to avoid anchor lines due to current. Moreover, this causes them to contact the dangerous species in the water unintentionally.  Additionally, most often, divers touch animals like coral reefs to become satisfied with the human desire of touching an organism.  

However, these conditions make you interact with the stings of organisms which causes injuries or infections.  Moreover, these injuries and infections are sometimes mild or worse. These injuries might result in taking the life of the divers. So, keeping all these reasons in view, it is recommended to divers to wear a glove to avoid any mishap. 

Why Is Wearing Gloves Banned In Certain Areas?

Well, this question sparks a debate. We have stated above that wearing gloves is necessary to ensure safety. Conversely, here we are saying that wearing gloves are banned in some areas. What is the reason for this clash? Fine, we are going to tell you the reason for this. 

The essential and most crucial reason for the banning of gloves is that coral reefs are endangered. Here you may think what the gloves got to do with the danger of coral reefs? Well, some divers accidentally touch coral reefs while others interact with them by their wish. However, even the slightest touching damages their protective layer and exposes them to the threat of bacteria attacks. This will eventually cause death to them in almost all cases.

Which Snorkeling Gloves Should I Buy? 

Below, I’m going to summarise the factors which you should look upon while buying gloves for snorkeling. In short, these factors are: 

1. Dive Gloves Material

In selecting the material of gloves, first, you should know the distinct advantages of the textile and neoprene material with which gloves are made up of. 

2. Textile

Gloves made up of textile material are strong and comfortable to wear. Moreover, they are available with a thickness of 1mm or 2mm. They don’t provide much extra insulation. However, they are pretty good. 

3. Neoprene 

For extra insulation, you should choose gloves made from neoprene material. Moreover, they are considered very practical for diving or snorkeling. They are made with 0.5mm to 7mm thickness fabric. 

4. Gloves Resistant To Cold

If you are a warm water diver, you don’t need plenty of resistance to cold than the cold-water divers. Therefore, some gloves provide you with extra insulation, while some allow water to go into the gloves. This depends upon the fabric of the glove. Moreover, the thickest the material of the glove is, the more warmth it will provide. 

5. Comfortable Gloves

If your snorkeling gloves are not comfortable, then it doesn’t matter how warm they are; they are just of no use for you. They must fit into your hands like a second skin. If your gloves are too small, then you will experience stress. Conversely, if they are too big, and then they will allow water to move inside. For this reason, you should get a perfect size o glove that fits into your hands seamlessly.

Moreover, it would help if you prioritized lightweight gloves over heavy gloves. As lightweight gloves deliver more comfort. Therefore, as a general thumb of rule gloves should be comfortable so that they can’t hinder your performance.  

6. Gloves Dexterity

Dexterity generally indicates how better you can communicate with your companions when at depth. Moreover, dexterity refers to the movement of your fingers independently. Additionally, the five-fingers gloves can provide maximum dexterity.  Moreover, the three-finger gloves can provide a second level of dexterity after five-finger ones.  

Additionally, they just tolerate basic finger movements.  Mitts provide the least dexterity.  Moreover, it hinders your ease of communicating efficiently. Additionally, this will be quite problematic with the gloves. 

7. Gloves Durability

Snorkeling gloves manufacturers assemble the neoprene with durability enhancing or increasing materials like titanium and Kevlar. Moreover, the lifespan of the gloves will be extended or elevated by protecting their palm. 


As the bottom line, divers should have the awareness to save themselves and sea animals from danger or harm. However, gloves are used as extra protection for accidents that occur suddenly. There are numerous benefits of gloves and you must consider buying them for snorkeling. They provide extra security to you.

There are certain things you need to keep in mind when buying gloves for snorkeling like material, durability, and design.

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