Best Small Snorkel Air Tanks (Mini Scuba Tank)

Within diving equipment, the diving or Snorkel Air Tank is a vitally important accessory. Also known as bottles or cylinders, these products work with a certain function storing enough oxygen that allows divers to dive for periods beyond what human beings can do on their own.

Air tanks for diving are mainly made of stainless steel, although some companies use aluminum. Regardless of the material chosen, the advantages and disadvantages are there, present.


Best Small Snorkel Air Tanks 2021

Our Pick

Scuba Tank for Diver Mini Diving Tank

Scuba Tank for Diver Mini Diving Tank
  • 5-10 Minutes Diving Oxygen
  • Weight is 2.38 pounds
  • You can use any type of manual pump to refill the scuba tank
2nd Pick

SMACO Scuba Mini Tank

SMACO Scuba Mini Tank
  • 15-20 Minutes Capability of Diving Oxygen
  • 340 Breathe Times
  • The weight of the product is 5.07 pounds
3rd Pick

SMACO Scuba Diving Tank Equipment

SMACO Scuba Diving Tank Equipment
  • 5-10 Minutes Capability
  • Easy to Refill
  • Portable Pony Bottle for Emergency Backup


In that sense, the advantage of Air Tank For Snorkeling and snorkeling mask 2021 lies in their weight and resistance, while those of aluminum because of their price and resistance to oxidation. However, despite its qualities and failures, the decision will always remain in the hands of the buyer.

As far as general characteristics are concerned, size tops the list of priorities. Currently, there are tanks from 6 to 18 liters, although divers usually use the standard size of 12 liters. This is determined according to the amount of air that the human being normally breathes in a specific period.

All the air contained in these cylinders is ready with compressors destined for this work so that it cleans the impurities and erases the humidity thanks to a pressure of up to 300 bars – although this depends on the manufacturer.

Top 5 Small Snorkel Air Tank Reviews

Best Small Snorkel Air Tanks

As with most markets, diving tanks generate brand competition. Currently, among the most popular, it is possible to name Luxfer, SMACO, and Spare Air, whose products are guaranteed one hundred percent for their quality and characteristics, the same that will be addressed below.

1) SMACO Mini Scuba Diving Tank

SMACO Mini Scuba Diving TankAs designers and distributors of diving accessories, SMACO stands strong with this Mini Scuba baptized air cylinder, a mini diving tank that will allow anyone to breathe under the surface of the water for a certain period (approximately 10 minutes).

The main advantage that divers find in the Mini Scuba is their ability to fill their breathing system. It is a 29-inch high cylinder (equivalent to 73 centimeters) that covers a 21-inch (53 cm) air cylinder.

This mini tank is made with an oxygen capacity of up to 85 liters and works with a pressure of 200 bars. The diameter of the connector equals 3 centimeters, while the length between it and the valve fluctuates between 8 and 10 centimeters.

For its part, the adapter has dimensions of 5.31 x 2.44 x 0.79 inches; and the glasses, made entirely of silicones, cover the size 6.5 x 4.3 x 2.2 inches.

The mini Scuba, being made of aluminum, weighs just over 7 kilograms, considerably lightening the diver’s load in and out of the water.

The package of this SMACO product includes 2 Mini Scuba diving tank systems, with their respective nozzle, a replaceable adapter for Scuba tanks, one high-pressure manual pump, one pair of diving goggles and their respective packaging boxes and manual use.

Other qualities of this Snorkel air tank make it possible to mention your portable transport equipment. Thanks to it, the equipment is stored in a waterproof case whose compact and lightweight size helps to move and pack it very quickly.

This product, as already mentioned before, is assembled in aviation aluminum that makes it resistant to atmospheric factors such as pressure and corrosion. Also, within the parameters of oxygen cylinders, the mini Scuba meets and exceeds expectations.

For its part, the silicone nozzle is planted as one of the best within SMACO products themselves. To make it work, it is only necessary to press and hold, so that the pressure of the tank begins to release. These acquire an ergonomic design and resist up to 21 air vents underwater. In total, it is possible to dive for intervals of up to 10 minutes.

2) SMACO Mini Scuba Dive Cylinder

SMACO Mini Scuba Dive CylinderWith physical characteristics similar to the previous product, this diving air tank stands out for its portability and operation. It is a Mini Scuba with the appropriate dimensions to load while practicing the diving sessions because it does not exhaust its users.

This device is armed with multiple methods of inflation that allows filling and deflating the structure multiple times from the adapter. Also, its comfortable operation is ideal for those who need to breathe underwater, since the system works with regular inhalation, without fuss or complicated processes.

Also, this mini Scuba specimen works with free release underwater, which means that it is possible to breathe with the same fluidity as on land, maximizing the diving experience.

According to its characteristics, this mini Scuba total release is an ideal source of oxygen to dive up to 10 meters. Therefore, divers are advised not to try at depths that exceed this standard.

Many choose, instead, to use it as an alternative oxygen source when performing recreational diving sessions at depths of up to 30 meters. However, at the same distance, the team also has a larger capacity tank.

Nor is the use of this Mini Scuba recommended for inexperienced or poorly trained people for diving, especially if they never operated this SMACO brand system.

This product should not be used in the water at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. Also, the instructions indicate that the product must be inflated before submerging to verify that it does not suffer from failures or leaks. If any damage occurs, the session must be canceled until the filtering works again.

The maximum pressure of this mini Scuba is 3000 PSI. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it with gases below 40% oxygen. Instead, divers should opt for clean and compressed air.

Within the final tips are the storage system (in cool and dry places, far from the incidence of the sun or at too high temperatures) and the disassembly system (it is a highly precise product that cannot be disassembled without first ensuring the integrity of the same).

3) Youngfogey Mini Portable Dive Oxygen Tank

Youngfogey Mini Portable Dive Oxygen TankCompared to other mini tanks for diving, this cylinder is characterized by its portable design and simple operation. Typical of the SMACO brand, its Youngfogey model is assembled in aviation aluminum and meets expectations regarding the manufacturing parameters for diving equipment.

It is a delicate accessory that must be stored at a cool and dry temperature, avoiding 100% direct contact with sunlight. In optimal conditions, the Youngfogey SMACO works for submersions of up to 10 meters, and, in waters whose temperature is higher than 10 degrees Celsius, this device works as a replacement valve over distances of up to 30 meters.

On the other hand, its material makes it resistant to pressure and corrosion, especially internal, to which aluminum resists damage well.

Speaking of resistance, it is also necessary to mention its ergonomic silicone mouthpiece, totally bite-proof, breakage, or damage. The Youngfogey is armed with a rescue system in the nozzle. Biting it allows the air to flow more smoothly.

As for the bottle, it is only necessary to press the upper part to relieve the accumulated pressure. It has a regulator that balances the amounts of air, accompanied by a manometer that counts it. Also, the structure of the bottle is small and light, making it easy to transport.

This Snorkel air tank is easily stored in a fairly compact carrying case that allows you to move it everywhere without hardly perceiving it. It is a qualified diving tool and highly recommended by professional divers, as long as size limitations are respected.

As with other SMACO brand products, Youngfogey should be inflated to check for leaks or damage. If there is, it is best to cancel its use until it stops showing performance failures.

4) Qians Smaco Scuba Diving Tank

Qians Smaco Scuba Diving TankContinuing with SMACO products, this mini diving tank represents the essential accessory for divers from all over the world. Its design, of portable dimensions, is adapted to breathe underwater normally for a sufficient period to refill the system.

It is, of course, a fairly compact diving cylinder, which sympathizes with various diving scenarios and adapts to them with incredible naturalness. It also stands out for its access to the valve and the regulator, especially useful in case of emergency.

SMACO Pony bottles are characterized, in addition to quality, for their easy maneuvering and compact dimensions. It is natural in these products the hands-free systems and their durable nozzle.

Both are incredibly easy to use; you just need to bring the mouthpiece to your mouth and release it eventually. Thus, divers and clients, in general, will have at least 10 minutes of oxygen to dive up to distances of up to 10 meters.

Because of the dimensions and capacity of the Qians SMACO, this is the standard in the submersion time-submersion distance relationship. As it is a mini tank and not a deep diving tank, the company determined that both allow people to reach the surface in an emergency.

Although the Qians is not particularly a cylinder suitable for deep-sea diving, it has the same quality as its brothers. Therefore, it is used as an alternative respirator in deep recreational diving.

Regarding his resistance, he does not disappoint either. It is a practical cylinder that holds pressure and corrosion levels unchanged. This is due to its assembly in aerospace aluminum, ideal to face any damage.

In general, SMACO brand air tanks are quite small and compact, but extremely strong. This strength allows them to withstand a significant amount of compressed air, preventing leaks or sudden failures. The properties of the bottle also help make refilling oxygen a simple task to do and calculate.

The Qians SMACO is, in short, a product designed to adapt to all shallow diving scenarios that respect water temperatures.

5) Submersible System Spare Air Pack

Submersible System Spare Air PackEntering new land, this model of the Spare Air brand is strongly planted with 85 liters of storage and a maximum pressure of 3000 equivalent PSI, on average, to 60 breaths on the surface and works with Nitrox brand diving systems.

It is a diving tank with a free recharge adapter. This allows it to be filled directly from a diving tank. Likewise, it is done with a safety tape to avoid misplacement or accidents occurring underwater.

Fully compact and rugged, the Spare Air guarantees its self-preservation with a durable, quite durable case. Thanks to it, it is easier for customers to adapt them to their particular needs and styles.

The filling system of the Spare Air includes the multifunctionality of four systems. The first – and elementary – consists of recharging it from an own diving tank. Since most professional divers eventually acquire their breathing compressors, the cylinder can also be filled in this way.

Local dive shops are also an alternative for filling these cylinders, as well as manual pumps that, while requiring a lot of effort and work, also work for the Spare Air. However, the latter is not particularly recommended, unless it is an emergency.

In terms of maneuverability, this mini diving tank is equally practical and simple. It connects easily in the most convenient direction, thanks to its shoulder and ring “D” mounts, both with their respective inner sheath straps.

The most common assembly method is one in which the cylinder belt is hooked through the sleeve assembly strap. Many customers insist that the ways to assemble the Spare Air abound in practical and simple positions, but the one described above is recommended.

As with SMACO brand products, this submersion system is ideal for depths not exceeding 10 meters. However, the Spare Air has the quality of adapting much better to professional diving systems that allow you to dive deeper.


Although all Air Tank For Snorkeling seem to orbit in the same characteristic range, the truth is that experience determines which the favorite is for each client. Therefore, the above list includes products that earned the respectability of its user’s thanks to its quality and functionality.

In that sense, it is clear that SMACO leads the sales lists. That’s right. It is an extensive line of diving products whose qualities stand out, especially for the practicality of each one.

The advantage that a product line has such a boom is that customers have the opportunity to buy spare parts and accessories to optimize their underwater experience further.

As was appreciated in the description of all products, these oxygen cylinders operate in shallow water and have their conditions. For the safety guard, it is best to stick to them.

Although the catalog of Air Tank For Snorkeling is vast, each of the products described has its quality certificate.

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