Best Snorkel Masks for Big Nose

Diving is a common sport. So we will talk about the best snorkel mask for the big nose as the most appropriate option. Taking advantage of the fact that our planet is mostly covered by water, it is in the oceans where we will find unimaginable spaces.

One of the advantages of snorkeling is that you can practice in waters close to shore. Even though you can’t fully immerse yourself, you can still enjoy the wonders of the ocean. The first thing we must understand is that it is a device that allows us to observe the depth of the ocean. However, the dive will depend on the type of Snorkel Masks.

The great advantage of snorkel masks is that we can naturally breathe through our nose and mouth. In contrast, we have a broad spectrum of vision of the marine world. However, one of the basic characteristics that we must look for are masks that do not fog since our entire face is covered.

When choosing a snorkel mask, the most important thing is that it is easy to put on and comfortable to use. The goal is that I managed to breathe through a separate channel. So when you exhale, the air can immediately come out of the mask.

The advantage of snorkel masks is that they are placed on the head with elastic straps. And the gasket that covers the edges of the mask will press against the face. This way, the only way for you to feel comfortable with the mask is to buy the right size.


Top 5 Best Snorkel Masks for Big Nose 2021

Our Pick

Aqua Lung Wraparound Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Wraparound Single Lens Dive Mask
  • Classic three-window design
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Non-reflective coating
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2nd Pick

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask
  • 180 degrees Rotation
  • Round-edge skirt
  • Micro-adjustment
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3rd Pick

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask
  • Low volume design mask
  • Easy to Adjust Buckles
  • Ultra Clear Safety
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4th Pick

Aqua Lung Maui Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Maui Single Lens Dive Mask
  • Single-lens design
  • High-grade silicone
  • Shatterproof
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5th Pick

Aqua Lung Pacifica Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Pacifica Single Lens Dive Mask
  • Shatterproof
  • One-Way Purge Valve
  • Easy-to-Reach Nose Pockets
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Benefits of using Snorkel Mask for the big nose:

Best Snorkel Masks for Big Nose

It would be best if you always looked for a mask that fits properly as this will allow the mask to last for a long time. In the case of the best snorkel mask for a big nose, its benefits will save you money and time.

The first thing is that these masks, by adjusting to the face without affecting the nose, achieve a correct seal. They maintain the anti-fog excellence, which prevents them from fogging up. Its tempered glass prevents horrible scratches and protects your eyes. Besides, its technology adds antireflection.

The nose pocket is large enough to avoid being hit with the mask. They are usually made of materials with high volume and extremely light. By having a single lens, you have total visibility.

We must understand that the need for high volume is to prevent the mask from sticking to your face excessively. When you are swimming and beginning to dive, the sea’s pressure can make the silicone adhere even more to your face. A situation that makes the mask uncomfortable and limits vision.

If you have a big nose, you should use the best snorkel mask for a big nose that fits both on the strap and on the bridge of the nose. That will allow you to breathe properly. Without major inconveniences when diving. Some different models and materials correspond to your interests.

Top 5 Best Snorkel Masks for Big Nose Reviews

1. Aqua Lung Wraparound Single Lens Dive Mask

It is one of the most sought-after masks due to its quality and the reputation of the company than the factory. It is also one of the military field’s favorites in hundreds of countries. In the professional field, divers look for this brand of mask. Its ability to perform in strong conditions.

The Aqua Lung Wraparound Three Window Mask has been on the market for a long time. However, its technology remains cutting edge. Mainly because it focuses on quality and user comfort, this mask will fit with ease regardless of the easy features.


  • It has dimensions of 7.9 x 4.7 x 4.1 inches, which is perfect for people with a big nose.
  • It weighs 0.59 Kg, which makes it stand out for its extreme lightness.
  • It is specifically black and can be used for both men and women. What we must remember is that it is a product for adults.
  • With its three-window design, the view it offers is unique. Mainly because of the tempered glass lens it has
  • Its silicone keeps it leak-free even years after purchase
  • Seals well and has enough space to avoid contact between the mask and the bridge of the nose
  • The three side windows make the view decent
  • Straps tend to loosen when the user repeatedly puts on and takes off the mask.

It is a mask worth buying and recommending. With proper care, it can last for years in excellent condition. It is one of the best masks on the market, thanks to its focus on the user’s maximum vision.

2. TUSA M-1001 Scuba Diving Mask

It is one of the best brands on the market due to its quality and innovation. Such technology makes this mask stand out as it has a wide lens and adjustable buckles. What facilitates the use of the mask for people with different characteristics on the face?

Its interest is in increasing the quality of viewing while at sea. Mainly the sharpness ability that is reduced by darkness. However, the mask is designed so that the human eye can adapt quickly. It is a mask for professional diving.


  • The silicone is patented as it has dimples that adhere easily to the face.
  • There is talk of increased softness and flexibility around the cheeks.
  • It has ridges that give it stability, diminishing the understanding when submerging in the water, avoiding the leaks. No water in your mask.
  • Different thicknesses of the silicone decrease friction when adjusting. Which avoids pressure and discomfort?
  • It adapts to the face without major problems.
  • The strap is extremely comfortable and friendly to the scalp.
  • It has a resistant case in case of transport.
  • It has a frame that diminishes vision.

This mask conforms to people’s facial features. Creating further optimization without forgetting performance or comfort. We are talking about technology brought to the point of a revolution in diving products.

3. Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask

This mask has a low-volume focused design. The advantage it presents despite being low volume is that it adjusts to faces. Whether large or thin, you can use this mask if you are in terms of average size.

It is a mask that tries to be easy to use and take anywhere. Generally speaking, it is a good mask for non-professional activities. If you want to vacation and relax, it will be the right one for you since you will be able to observe the seabed without the reflection of light preventing it.


  • Where silicone is molded for an easy fit.
  • When putting on the mask, it will note that the buckles have straps. This characteristic gives greater versatility.
  • This design gives its highest security in the double-tempered glass. Which will give extreme viability.
  • Without forgetting that being unisex, men and women of medium size can use it without a problem.
  • Being matt black prevents the passage of light and its reflection.
  • No fogging is experienced when diving in the sea or swimming pools.
  • The field of view is wide and of quality.
  • The medium size does not allow a correct seal on the sides, making it prone to leaks

This mask is suitable for certain facial features. However, silicone is extremely light is prone to leaks. Especially if your face doesn’t fit the average mask size. The limitation does not make it the best snorkel mask for a big nose.

4. Aqua Lung Maui Single Lens Dive Mask

That black color makes it one of the most requested masks by the military and professional divers. Generally speaking, it is a functional mask for those with normal, easy features. Otherwise, it is advisable to try on the mask to verify that you are comfortable.

The Aqua Lung Maui Single Lens has a fairly clear objective and increases visual ability. Few masks on the market can compensate for design with peripheral quality. But in this case, the manufacturers came up with a functional mask.


  • It is an extremely durable and practical mask.
  • With a single lens that increases vision to 180 °.
  • Furthermore, its ease of use will be undeniable.
  • Its straps and buckles increase the possibility of use on different faces.
  • The highlight is the silicone material as its fit prevents dripping at the edges.
  • High quality and durable.
  • With a silicone rubber that gives comfort and softness to the face.
  • The stamp fits perfectly on the face.
  • Limits peripheral vision and reduces the passage of light, which causes greater darkness when immersed in the sea.

This mask is suitable for young drivers without much experience in the sport. Besides, the person must have a small nose as it can disturb the nose’s arch. Beyond these points, the mask is highly functional. It is not the best snorkel mask for a big nose.

5. Aqua Lung Pacifica Mask

With these lenses, you will never find an obstacle that prevents you from seeing the entire sea. With full vision tempered glass, the capacity is panoramic. You want to observe every detail in your hands, with an unbreakable lens.

We found a mask with first-rate materials and adapts it correctly to the person’s face during the dive. In this way, the view of the seabed will fully enjoy. No need to remove the mask or clean it. Since its cutting edge technology makes for harsh conditions.


  • Your valve is certified to prevent fogging. Whatever keeps you from occupying your hands?
  • Also, with a medium volume, your nose and ears will protect.
  • With silicone and skirt on the edges, the light will always stay out, and no water will get into your mask.
  • Its height and width dimensions are 8 x 5.1 x 4 inches at a weight of 0.95 pounds.
  • Creating a perfect balance for men and women in their one size. Since its adjustable straps work for any occasion.
  • Easy to clean thanks to its bleed valve.
  • The glass being wide and flat provides a peripheral view.
  • The silicone fits the face and is of high quality.
  • The purge valve may start to leak after a while.

It is a high-quality mask. Widely recommended by users. It is mainly for those who have a Big nose since it perfectly fits the face being the best snorkel mask for a big nose. It also has the characteristic of being easy to clean. The mask will give you comfort and durability, and it will also save you money.

Things to Consider Before Buying

1. Size

The mask should be sized to prevent your forehead from hitting the glass. The space between the mask and the face must be adequate as this will avoid discomfort in the nose. The fit must be perfect because otherwise, it will cause leaks, and water will enter.

Knowing that the bandage effect works perfectly, we can begin to adjust the strap and buckles. So it settled all over the face. That is how you will find the best snorkel mask for a big nose.

2. Quality

The mask’s quality will depend on both the angle of view and the security it provides. It is important to ensure that carbon dioxide does not accumulate in the mask. To a large extent, the mask’s skirt will influence the comfort of the mask.

Quality depends on many factors, from materials to manufacturers. There are basic characteristics that all masks must have to constitute a basic and safe quality. However, the mask’s preservation will depend on the care given to it.

3. View of mask

Being submerged decreases the eye’s ability to have a clear vision. In this way, diving masks will increase vision and give it the necessary quality. In case the person has vision problems, it is possible to adjust the mask’s lens.

One of the benefits of vision with masks is that it prevents light reflection. This allows you to widen the visual field without straining your eyes. It largely depends on the tempered glass that the glasses have.

4. Price

Many aspects vary the price of the diving mask. Mainly the quality of the materials and the manufacturing company. Full face masks tend to be more expensive. The advantage is that it allows you to breathe through the nose and the mouth.

One of the most important materials is silicone. Since it will depend on this, the water does not leak, accommodating the face. To a large extent, its ability to adhere to the face will give it quality.

You should consider that prices will also vary depending on whether you are looking for a professional mask or one with basic quality. Besides, the accessories will increase their price in the market. I can find masks of high quality and at an acceptable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does a snorkel mask cover your nose?

The snorkel mask will always cover the nose. There are two types of masks, the full and the half. The full one covers the entire face and the half up to the nose.

  • How do I know what size snorkel mask?

Depending on the model, the snorkel mask has different sizes. To know what your size is, it is advisable to try several since it all depends on the texture of your face.

  • Mask with a big nose pocket is good?

If you have a large nose, the most advisable is a mask with a big nose pocket since it will be comfortable and the bridge of your nose will not stick with the mask.


The snorkel mask is advisable if you want to do light diving. You should know that each model has its limitations. Yet they offer great benefits. Giving an excellent opportunity to visualize the seabed. And more in the case of the best snorkel mask for a big nose.

It is normal to go to a beach and want to dive. But our biggest advice is not to make buying a snorkel mask lightly. If you want quality at a reasonable price, you must choose well. Otherwise, only it will serve on limited occasions.

The idea of ​​buying these instruments is that they are durable and quality. There is no use buying a mask that will serve you only once. That is why you should consider all the mentioned characteristics above and even more so if you have a large nose.

In case of having certain characteristics on the face. As is the case with a large nose. You should consider that not all masks are for you. In case you want to use it constantly. You should look for the best snorkel mask for a big nose.

If you don’t buy a mask that meets your conditions, it will be uncomfortable. But it will also hurt the bridge of your nose. So you should look for a mask that does not rub against your face. Also, this condition can blur vision.

After finding the perfect mask, you should check the straps. Ideally, these should fit the size of your head. The buckles will provide greater adjustment security. Avoiding displacement of the mask.

The tempered glass will not only give you safety but also HD vision. And in case of having a vision problem, it is possible to adjust them. Professional divers tend to clean the glass with toothpaste. So you can do it every so often.

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