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Best Full Face Snorkel Masks With GoPro Mount 2020 [Recommended Sizes]

Oh So, you doing snorkeling without a camera that’s a bad thing to know. Come on you need to capture those beautiful moments which you spend in the water through Snorkel Mask With GoPro.

I am all time swimmer and water lover and whenever I do snorkeling I did not go without full face snorkel mask with GoPro because I miss them so much. Yes, It’s right people who did not like to do snorkeling or start it the first time did not think about to capture those moments. But when you got experience then you like to capture it and you want those memories with your self in your life. Yeah, It’s right 🙂

Snorkel Masks With GoPro Mount 2020

I know that it’s hard to find quality snorkel masks which have good cameras like GoPro Mount. But seriously, after getting the good experience now I am able to guide you about it. There are lots of brands like Scuba masks which provide you quality masks with low price and that’s not a big deal if you are getting a mask with GoPro at low rates.

So, further, discuss let’s move towards our best selling snorkel mask with a camera.

1) Frameless Dive Mask for Scuba (Octomask)

Snorkel Masks With GoPro MountYou have experience with some of the mask and you assume that the snorkel mask does not fit for all the cameras because it doesn’t adjust it. But Let me explain to you that this frameless scuba mask is fit for all GoPro cameras even you are using old or a new one.

You enjoy the diving and get good experience with it because it fit at your face because it is made for the full face. It made by highest quality silicone to ensure that it looks more comfortable for the diver.

They also provide you a new bag which you can use to carry your GoPro and travel anywhere easily. The lenses are perfect as you can use it for long dive and it also provides you the clear view of the sea.

Octomask Pros & Cons


  • Fit For All People
  • You can use it for any GoPro model
  • You can use it for long distance diving
  • Available in 5 colors


  • None

2) Snorkel Mask For GoPro Hero4 and Hero3

As I know there are lot’s of GoPro lovers who like to use the Hero series especially and some people stick on Hero4 and 3 so this snorkeling mask available especially for those people who like to use for these two models. Octomask makes this mask so you can easily adjust your GoPro mount in it.

3) XS Foto Mask For Camera

XS Foto MaskXS Foto is another brand like Scuba who provide us mask for cameras and this model specially made with Incredible Panoramic Vision. Well, If a mask has good lense then you can see it clearly and this has 3 lenses which make it more cool and good from brands.

It has the build-in place where you can fit your GoPro and you don’t need to lose nuts even it doesn’t have nuts so don’t worry about it. It has high-quality optical glass as well.

It also has two straps which you quickly remove and wear when you are going to dive, It provides you with a grip and that’s why your camera did not shake in the water.

XS Foto Mask Pros & Cons


  • 3 Lenses
  • Solid Stainless Steel Camera Mount
  • Attachment of All Models of GoPro
  • Available in 5 colors


  • None

Things You Care Before Buying Best Snorkel Mask with GoPro Mount


Most people did not focus on size and just buy it and they think it’s fit on their face but it doesn’t. When you buy a large mask it might possible that the water comes into your mount during snorkeling and you did not swim properly. So, the first thing you need to care is the size of the snorkeling mask.


Sometimes the masks have lenses which increase the weight of the mask and if you want to buy it for kids so it doesn’t fit for them or even for you. So, always pick a lightweight snorkel mask which did not harm your snorkeling at all.

Compatible Mount:-

Yes, It’s true that some masks are not compatible with your GoPro because they did not design according to it. It may fit but it doesn’t have the right choice for you to waste your money on that mask which did not compatible for GoPro mount.


So, the guide comes to an end and I hope I guide you in a good way and now you pick your full face snorkel mask for GoPro camera 2020. But if you still waiting for my pick then I suggest you buy the OCTOMASK snorkel mask because it is love for me. 🙂

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